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The biggest cliche in photography is sunrise and sunset.

Some Wedding Photography Tips Before Hiring A Photographer

download (10)Reading some wedding photography tips before you choose and pay a photographer for his is of utmost importance. You are not hiring a photographer to take your Christmas pictures, which of course can be compromised on quality sometimes with thoughts that you can compensate for them on the coming Christmas. Your wedding is a onetime occasion and probably the happiest moment of your life so you wouldn’t want some nonprofessional photographer to ruin the pictures with his slovenly approach towards them. You want the most important to the most minor details to be captured on the pictures and for that, you will have to do a little work.

Research Online For Photographers

First thing you would want to do is go online and search for the best photographers that are available in your area. While searching online you can also get some information about the general pricing trend that’s going on. Look for the ones nearest to you and make sure to browse the website carefully because you will find a lot of helpful material on the websites in deciding whether you want a particular photographer or

Family Portrait Pictures And Landscape Digital Photography For Newbies

family-portrait-tiopsIt is always essential to check out for the most recent photography tips and educative guides. Many people can virtually take fantastic pictures without really trying, nevertheless the majority of us will need whatever support we can get to make our pictures have an attractive appearance. Check out the following digital photography tips to enhance your photography abilities…

It may seem overwhelming to you personally to carry on board a handful of expert photography tips and hints to change your pictures into those of a pro, however, one can and yes it won’t take a lot of work.

Lets take a look at some of the most essential digital photography tips for portrait and family portrait Photography.

The important thing to taking better family portrait photos and the first of our photography tips, is making matters uncomplicated. You do however need to plan in advance what you are undertaking.

If you are intending to capture a photograph of a couple as a family portrait, don’t just get them to look towards your camera and hope all went well.

Photography Posing Tips

download (11)Posing is one of the most crucial components to a good photograph. Posing can help you to obtain the memorable portrait from your photo. If posing is uncomfortable, it will show in the picture. So you should learn the different posing tips.

Photography posing tips:

1.Don’t use a big smile for every pose. Sometimes try a small smile, to give some variety to your facial expressions.

2.Avoid having your arms hanging flat against your sides. Instead, bend your arms slightly, place your hands on your hips, or try other poses that involve alternate placements of the arms.

3.Practice each pose in front of a mirror until you feel comfortable and have the confidence.

4.Don’t hold your breath during a pose. Stay relaxed and your photos will look as natural.

5.Wear comfort clothes. You feel so good in them and you can make this as casual or glamorous as you wish.

6.Bring changes of clothes, no matter what.

7.Very important element to consider in posing, the pose must appear naturally.

8.Keep your fingers slightly apart and pointed away from the lens.

What is Visual Weight in Photography

Where would we be without balance? Probably rolling off the cliff and crashing down the mountainside. In real life, balance gives us a steady and stable feeling. This is the same feeling that echoes within us when we look at a photograph with the perfect compositional balance. Our need for maintaining equilibrium and harmony in life makes us want to look for balanced images. A major factor for maintaining balance in photography is the visual weight. It is defined as the perceived weight of an element in the photograph, and measures how much attraction the element gets. In simple terms, it is that something in the photograph that gets your attention.

In an image, different objects have different visual weights. Things that are big, bright, and colorful attract more attention than darker, less colorful elements. Contrast, like the presence of a small black dot on a white paper, carries a lot of visual weight as well. The greater the visual weight, the more the eye is drawn to that element in the photograph. The comparative visual weights of the different elements in an image also add to the sense of balance to the photograph. If you are learning the

Children’s Photography Ideas

Photographing children can be one of the most interesting and favorite pastime of parents, as capturing the little ones on camera gives them a treasure in the form of some very fond memories of their kids’ childhood days. Kids are naturally drawn to cameras and so photographing them is extremely easy. But you need to keep them entertained and ensure that they don’t distracted soon. Children are best when it comes to giving natural expressions as they are hardly concerned if they are being clicked or not. They remain completely engrossed in whatever they are doing that’s why their pictures come out so natural and innocent. The ideas given in this article can help you get amazing pictures of your baby.

Patience is the most important virtue when you speak of photographing children. Every child reacts in a different manner to a camera and photography. Some may constantly glare at the camera, some may be too excited with it and constantly try to lay their hands on it, whereas some may start crying or fidgeting a lot. Be ready for anything and everything! Patience, patience, and only patience will guide you through, along with a few of these tips,

Cold Weather Photography Tips

Photography in the winter can produce dramatic and beautiful images of snow-capped mountains, forests draped in crystal sheets of ice, or birds huddling beneath a rooftop out of the driving sleet. But photography in cold weather is much more challenging for photographers and equipment than warm weather shooting.

Protect Yourself
Everyone knows to wear a coat or sweater if you’re going to be outside for any length of time in cold weather. The face and hands are the most endangered body parts in cold weather photography. But photographers can’t completely muffle their faces or hands or they won’t be able to handle their camera and other equipment successfully. To keep most of your face warm while shooting, try wearing a ski mask to reduce the amount of skin exposed to cold wind and wintry weather. A ski mask will not only keep your face warm, it will help reduce the amount of hot air you breathe onto your camera, which conflicts with the ambient temperature to cause condensation.

Keeping your hands warm is particularly problematic for photographers in the winter. Gloves keep your hands warm between shots, but often you’ll have to remove your gloves to handle the camera or

Group Photography Tips

Tips for Indoor and Outdoor Photography

Imagine that you and your family (or friends) are gathered for a special occasion and you wish to capture this moment forever. You grab the camera and start clicking pictures. But somewhere down the line, the light is too bright or dull, you can’t capture the angles correctly, and/or you are confused with all the different features on the camera.

The point to remember is that everything lies in the facial expressions. Whether you click pictures inside the house or somewhere outside, the secret to liven up the images is in everyone’s faces. When you focus on them, rather than the background, you end up clicking the best pictures. Now, I don’t mean that a background doesn’t count. But the point is, you don’t always have to focus on the background. For an amateur photographer, concentrating on the subjects’ faces is very crucial. Once you have mastered this art, you can move on to other details of pictures and features your camera has to offer.

Indoor Photography
First of all, using natural light is the best way to capture vibrant images. Yes, it does sound ironic but it’s the truth. Using the flash has its

Expert Tips for Blue Hour Photography

The blue hour is a favorite time for many photographers. Though the golden light that precedes it is much more popular, blue light photography is an exciting avenue for photographers. Many photographers pack up when the sun goes down, and remain completely ignorant of the beautiful blue light that follows it.

Blue light has its own set of virtues and difficulties – the least of which is actually being able to use the tiny window of the misguided term, blue ‘hour’. The dominant hues in the blue hour are actually purples, steely grays and magentas. Also, the ‘hour’ usually lasts for less than half that, and more often than not even less than that.

The key to capturing great blue hour photographs is, more than anything else, knowing what to frame. Unlike the golden light during sunsets, which makes everything look prettier, blue light is not so generous and benevolent. Silhouettes are tricky to capture in blue light without an artificial light source, since not much is discernible against the advancing wall of black in the background. Buildings with their own lighting, such as cityscapes, churches, and factories, are the subjects to concentrate on while shooting in the blue hour.

Fashion Photography Tips

Fashion Photography

In our daily lives, we read newspapers and go through many magazines, which have models flaunting their products. But have you ever thought what makes the photos so vibrant and attractive to look at? It is the contribution of fashion photographers who capture the pictures. These photographers are professionals in their field, and have a good knowledge of photography along with a sense of the color, style, lighting, etc. They use all their expertise to come up with such great and adorable pictures of the advertising models.

Becoming a Fashion Photographer

If you want to enter into the fashion world as a photographer, you most importantly need to have the right equipment and have to self-practice a lot to get the basics right. The first step is to invest in a good piece of digital SLR, which is known for capturing and producing quality photos. You also need to understand every bit of the functions and features of your photography tool by referring to the user manual. Learn and understand the fundamentals of fashion photography by looking at the pictures in fashion magazines and tabloids. Get to know various poses, color suitability and lighting conditions. Read different books and

Birthday Party Photography Tips

Children love playing. They are completely devoid of inhibitions and when they are having fun, they are having FUN! They are going to jump, run, play, dance, eat, and OMG! Did that little boy just kiss your girl on her cheeks? LOL. Kids really do all the things that birthday parties are made of. So make sure you are ready with your camera to click as many pictures as you can! You can get some really cute snaps when they are playing games. Their faces are going to be livid with expressions, so make sure you capture those moments. If it is a birthday party with a theme, like say Super-heroes theme for a boy, or Princess theme for a girl, then have something like a spaceship, or a moon crescent cut-out in the garden, or against a plain wall in your house and have the kids pose in front of it to click pictures. (Don’t put up a big dinosaur if the theme is Jurassic Park – the kids might just get scared!)
… for a Teenager’s Birthday Party

So I am guessing your parents are not going to be around for the entire party right? Use the

How To Capture The Golden Opportunity

When you get up before the crack of dawn just to shoot the glorious sunrise, there is really no point in not focusing on the golden effect the light brings. As a photographer, you always have to be on the lookout for an inviting frame, but when shooting in the golden light, concentrate on shooting in the golden light. Try to capture frames that feature the golden light prominently, and make the golden light an element in your photos.

If you are photographing a client, try to schedule your sessions around dawn or, more preferably, dusk. If clicking away for fun, take the effort of getting up before the sun rises, and march to the perfect spot. The clicks will be worth it.
Keep your equipment ready

When the first, precious golden rays peek out from behind the doors of the horizon, do you want to be diving into the action head-on, or do you want to be setting up your tripod that always gets stuck precisely at the perfect moment, and sorting between your lenses?

The annoying thing about the wonderful golden hour is in the name – it only lasts for an hour, at most. More often than not,

Everything About Newborn & Family Photography Services Singapore

Strong family bonds are common in Singapore families where most families exercise a close knitted environment with love and discipline. Such virtues are instilled on every member of the family with the newborn not being the exception. Hence, it is common to engage in sessions of whole family photography and newborn photography to keep the family unit intact. Such births are always an excellent occasion or cause to celebrate and foster deeper bonding within the family among its members.

Seize the Occasion

Every new arrival is a blessing in Singaporean families which highly value the newborn as traditional beliefs invoke prosperity and joy in the family. Babies are instrumental in generating strong family binding which must be captured through newborn photography sessions provided by professional baby photography Singapore studios across the island city.

A new arrival into the family is a great occasion to take a family portrait as a family tie update which could be sent out to faraway relatives and friends especially on the newborn’s full moon celebration or Chinese New Year at the early part of the New Year.

Many kid photography Singapore studios offer excellent photography services in package forms

Trap Shooting Tips For Learning To Shoot With Both Eyes Open

The first step is you have to be committed to shooting with two eyes and not shut one to bring ur score back up, cause it will fall for a few practices!

Step 1:   The Call and Squint.    While thinking of a way to train my brain to see dominantly through my right eye I knew i had to take it slow and fully commit to it.  So my first move was to call for the bird with both eyes open then squint my left eye (i’m a right handed shooter with a dominant left eye) when moving to intercept the bird.  This gave me the depth perception and perepheal vision of two eyes at bird launch but the blurring from the squint made my right eye dominant to make the shot.  This will let the brain get used to the relationship of the barrel and the bird through the sight of the shooting eye.  I did this for about a month before switching to the next step.  This does take a little to get used to it but the final outcome is well worth it.

Step 2:    Clear Scotch Tape.    You have probably heard of

Tips On Finding The Right Seattle Photo Studio

Word of mouth

One of the best ways of finding a feasible photo studio for you would be via word of mouth or suggestions from friends and colleagues. Ask around, who has recently had a visit to one of these places. It could be for a wedding or for any other special occasion or even general services. This way you will get to know the first hand experience of your friends and thus shortlist a Seattle photo studio that is at par or compatible with your needs.


Another factor that you need to take into account would be the cost. Now there are some studios that may be charging you more, but provide impeccable services. However, do consider the fact that the cost may be high because of better service or high quality equipment. For instance, if you have some emergency photography needs or require the studio to send some photographers for outdoor purposes, then the cost would surely be more than what it is for in-house photography. So find a Seattle photo studio as per your budget.

Equipment and gear

One of the most important factors while choosing studios for your

How To Find The Best Wedding Photographers

As wedding is the special moment of everyone’s life. We make it more special by capturing those moments and make them unforgettable. For this, we have to choose the best wedding photographers who provide us the best service and make those moments memorable. Here are certain tips through which you can find the better photographer for your wedding.

Do research: The best way to select the photographer by searching and reading the reviews of brides who has recently selected them for their shoot. Check out the photographer’s websites, and blogs carefully, through which you’ll get the idea of their style. By the site, you’ll get the hints about the photographer’s sensibility and personality. If possible, you also check their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter pages.

Check out Portfolio: See the few full wedding albums because on the site they only show the best photographs of their potential clients. You can get a better idea of their work by seeing two or three wedding albums.

Set up meeting: If you list out some of the photographers through their websites, then you must meet them to discuss their portfolio and fees and also to see their availability on the

Tips on identifying a Hawaii Wedding Photographer

Hawaii Wedding Photography is definitely a daunting and challenging task, as the photographer is responsible for capturing the scenic beauty of the location, given the fact that the wedding can take place near lush landscapes or pristine beaches, or a world-class resort or hotel. Before deciding on a photographer, here are a few tips that will help you identify a professional who is capable of taking pictures in any given setting, whether indoors or outdoors in a location like Hawaii:

  • The photographer must pay attention to detail and ensure the photos look dramatic. This gives a dreamy appearance straight out of a movie. This documentary style of photography looks as though it was shot on film where the couple or object is in focus, the background in a blur and movements looking very natural.
  • The photographer must be able to take candid and spontaneous pictures of people, the decor and the environment. The photos will capture the moments exactly as they happened and tell a story.
  • The photographer must be experienced in taking classic portraits, where the subjects pose in front of the camera amid various backdrops.
  • The photographer must be able to think

7 Quick Fire Tips For Photography

1. Master All The Photography Rules To Break Them Later

Photography rules are important as they offer a base for advanced Northern beaches photography tips afterward. First become master of all those rules, therefore you have an additional artistic control once you break them later.

2. Before Framing Your Shot, First Expose And Focus

An inadequately exposed or indistinct image is unusable, however if not exactly framed can still be saved. For that reason, before adjusting the frame you ought to continually specialise in and rightly expose for the subject. This is one thing that occurs usually when there are extreme lights and darks in the same surroundings.

3. Focus On Subjects’ Eyes

It’s natural to get drawn towards the eyes in every photograph, because the eyes are a natural point of focus that we have a tendency to connect with. While capturing portrait pictures at any space, ensure you get the main target in the eyes. Till the time the eyes are focused, each you and your subject increase the chance to contemplate the image to be properly shot.

4. Make Mistakes, But Learn From Them

7 Simple Digital Photography Tips

Tip #1: Read Your Camera Manual.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never read it or perhaps read it several years ago. It’s always good to refresh your memory and perhaps find a hidden nugget you’ve either never knew or forgot that you had. You can pick up new tips from your photography bible.

Tip #2: Take a Photography Class.

If you’re new to photography or if you’re seasoned but find yourself a little stale, look for a course that will broaden your horizons. There are numerous courses offered online from beginner to advanced. It is always a good experience to find a local school or experienced photographer that offers hands-on training. It might take a little digging but having ‘real’ people to talk to and learn from is worth the time and expense.

Tip #3: Join a Camera Cub.

Joining the local camera or photography club can help you network with local photographers. Meeting regularly with them can provide you with educational resources, motivation and offer you encouragement.

Tip #4: Learn to Use Your Lenses.

Chances are you have at least a couple of lenses in your bag. Sometimes we are

Product Photography Techniques Tutorial

Product photography involves photographing a single product by itself with a plain background to remove any distractions and focus the viewer’s attention on the product. While practicing product photography can be fun in of itself, it is particularly important if you want to sell items on eBay or through your own website. A good product image can make your listings more effective and increase your sales.

To set up an area for product photography, you can use a table pushed against a wall. Use a piece of large white card and attach one end to the wall and one end to the table. Be careful to ensure the card has a curved bend where it goes from the wall (vertical) to the table (horizontal) as you want to avoid any creases in the card. This will create a white seamless background for your product photography.

Next set up a couple of lights or flashes to light your product and the background. A two light setup can result in much better photos than relying on natural light. The ability to control the power, shape, size, and position of lighting gives you much greater control over how

Top 10 Tips to Improve Photography

1 Take Pictures:- Most of us use digital cameras today, and it doesn’t cost anything to take more pictures. Always take lots and lots of pictures, there’s no need to hold back, with digital images, you can always delete unwanted images if they are not to your expectations. Most photographers will tell you that lot of their impressive shots were accidents. So take out your camera and take lot of pictures.

2 Angle your shots:- Always explore your subject before taking a picture by walking around it and looking at it from different sides. Take your time and make your pictures interesting by shooting at different angles. Creating unique angles will give a new perspective to your subject and will make your pictures stand out.

3 Fill the Frame:- Pick a point of interest in your image and focus on it, get close to it and leave out anything that is not adding interest to your picture. This will make your subject stand out. This technique works well with portraits as well, by getting close to your subject you can show great details such as facial expressions, moods, certain marks etc.

4 Attention to Background:-

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